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One Lit Creative Retreat

Arty’s Getaway is a blog that celebrates the creative lifestyle. It’s a virtual hang-out spot for the creative and all-around cool girl who sets her mind to something, and it’s frigging happening all right!


Creativity is important. It’s what’s gotten us to where we are today, memes and all. Arty’s Getaway’s mission is to show you all sorts of fun ways you can explore, practice and embrace creativity in all forms and shapes. Get a little artsy and create the life you wouldn’t mind repeating even. One DIY project at a time that is.


I truly believe that getting creative, making things with your own hands is immensely beneficial for a person. It can be relaxing, fun, it can teach you things, patience, perseverance, hard-work, dedication, problem solving, just to see that idea of yours diy-ed into reality. And a pretty frigging great one. My vision is to see more and more people practicing creativity more and more often & diying the life of their dreams.

Marija Petkovska | Founder & Head Creative

Oh Hey Hi! So nice to meet you!

I am Marija, a 20 something girl from Macedonia and I’ve created this blog in 2014 for the first time as a place to share my fun creative endeavors. After a short while and a very little effort, I gave up on this, it just felt like it wasn’t meant to be. At least not at that moment. That lead to me sorta drifting away from diy projects and creative escapades, and I wasn’t feeling much different from miserable. Then in 2016 I realized that I’d gotten more excited about a paper craft idea than for past boyfriends, which lead to my decision to give Arty’s Getaway one more chance. And I’m giving it one every day still with no regrets whatsoever!

Cause not only did I wanna make stuff, I also wanted to make other people, you people, see why getting creative, expressing yourself artistically, crafting something and all of that is good for you too, like it’s been so good for me. And so this is my way of doing so.

Every time I’d start making something with my own hands, I’d get lost in it. I’d forget everything that pisses me off at the moment, if something is pissing me off at that moment… There are no dark thoughts, no troubles, no nothing… It’s just me trying to figure out how to make this thing, how to get over this challenge in my hands so that I end up making that thing I imagined. It gets frustrating at times, sure, coming up with solutions to move through barriers you didn’t even knew existed haha… Making stuff, creating, it’s moving forward, it’s completing steps, leveling up until you end up with the desired result. It’s life, the challenges and the fun parts.

Lemme get a little personal

I love dogs, so if you have one & we meet, I will pet it. Big fan of coffee, chocolate, pizza. I drink a lot of water. I’ve seen Friends probably at least 14 times & will use a line from it whenever the opportunity. So, very much into TV shows, and movies, superheroes, yea… Oh, and staying home & cozy. Days will go by, I will not leave the house, & will feel no regret. I am a dreamer, and a believer. I believe in better days, in positive change, in ridiculous dreams, and in you. That you will create whatever it is you desire!

If you can relate to any of this, then it’s like we’re already buddies yay!